November 05, 2018

Style Scrapbook

I’M WEARING  >>  Pants: Purificacion Garcia (old)  |  Sneakers: Nike M2K Tekno  |  T-Shirt: Uniqlo  |  Bag: Moschino  |  Scarf: Essentiel Antwerp Not surprisingly, the key to keeping warm has always been to layer. I have been stocking up on some thermal clothing to wear underneath my t-shirts, thin merino wool cardigans at Uniqlo to layer under my blazers, adding the coat on top and as a last touch a super oversized scarf. These sneakers have been a hot topic on my social media lately as a lot of you have asking me how I managed to get my hands on them. They are the Nike M2K Tekno but they are as hard to get as water in the middle of the desert. For some reason this model became hugely popular and it literally took me over two months of intense search to be able to find them. In the end, I was able to find a pair my size on eBay, but while trying to find links for you guys, I realised they are still sold out pretty much everywhere :(.     3 DAY JUICE CLEANSE DETOX DIARYREAL TALK; THE PRODUCTS THAT CLEARED MY SKIN ONCE…MY TOP TRICKS & PRODUCTS FOR HEALTHIER HAIRMY 6 FAVOURITE PLACES TO EAT IN AMSTERDAM