February 14, 2018

Lovely Pepa

LAENERO11-16 copia 0 Flares 0 Flares × Woke up this morning and it is Valentine’s all over again… Today, I am lucky to be celebrating love with my significant other, my one and only, my friend of everyday and that is, yes, I said it: my mother. I know it is not what you guys were probably expecting me to say but this year, I’m celebrating Valentine’s in a different way. February 14th is first and foremost the celebration of love. On this occasion, the romantic kind is the one that comes most easily to mind but there are also all the other kinds of love that we forget about. Those would be our tender loves. This year, I was inspired to celebrate this way by TOUS, a jewelry brand that my mother and I both have a common appreciation for. Recently, TOUS has launched a campaign celebrating tender loves. Those are loves of a different kind such as the love between a mother and a daughter, between sisters and brothers, or even the love that we might have for our pet. All in all, TOUS invites us to celebrate all the love present in our lives. Wrapping up on this special post, I would like to invite everyone to celebrate thier tender loves today. Yes, I won’t lie, I did get a piece of jewelry for my mom but showing your love can be done in so many different ways. Write your loves a special card, buy them a flower or a special treat and if you feel like going down the same road as I did, check out TOUS’ lovely product selection. They make a wonderful and unforgettable gifts